Direct Links to My Posts on the Second Life New User Experience

I’ve decided to create a central repository for links to all my posts related to the Second Life new user experience. That way Second Life (SL) residents who are not interested in my various geeky pursuits or libertarian-ish political rants can get straight to the good stuff. Presented in chronological order.

VWBPE 2014 (04-09-14)
Virtual Worlds—Best Practices in Education 2014, what Oxbridge is doing there, and Carl Metropolitan’s Second Life resume.

A Tale of Two Talks (04-12-14)
Contrasting speeches from the first, and from the current Linden Lab CEO. The role of resident-run help groups and communities.

Breaking News: Second Life New User Experience is Still Broken (04-24-14)
A review of the current SL new user experience and thoughts on how to improve it—or “Carl Metropolitan Tells Linden Lab How to Do Their Jobs (Part 1 of Many)”

More Thoughts on Second Life’s New User Experience: Diversity (04-27-14)
The need for ethnic diversity in Second Life’s starter avatar selection and other new user experience problems and possible solutions.

Second Life New Resident Retention I: Fantasy, Wish Fulfillment, and Stipends (05-04-14)
Sex, Socializing, and Shopping. Thoughts on the often neglected social side of Second Life, or why SL needs both creators—and consumers.

Vampire is the New Black—A Look at Second Life’s New Mesh Starter Avatars (05-15-14)
Blacula lives, why SL’s new mesh starter avatars are kind of a disappointment, and general grumblings about SL’s new mesh starter avatars.

Iris Ophelia’s Review of SL’ New Mesh Starter Avatars (05-16-14)
Go read Iris Ophelia’s review of the SL’s new mesh starter avatars. She notices even more problems than I did.

Jo Yardley on “An Alternative to Starter Avatars (05-17-14)
A link to and a recommendation for an insightful blog by 1920s Berlin’s Jo Yardley on SL’s new mesh starter avatars.

Long Live the Feted Outer Core (05-23-14)
My appearance on “Designing Worlds” in which I gently tell some Lindens (in person) how to do their jobs, and explain how they went wrong with the new mesh starter avatars.

Brace Coral is Back and Blogging (05-23-14)
NCI/New Citizens Incorporated’s Founder, Brace Coral, is back and here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and she’s all out of bubblegum. And while she’s at it, she’s going to fix NCI.

Second Life New Resident Retention II: A Place to Call Home (05-27-14)
Why you might just need a little bit of land to have fun after all. How land matters and what to do about it.

Second Life New User Experience—The Good, the Bad, and the Embarrassing (06-07-14)
Another walk through SL’s new user experience, in which I play “mystery newbie”, note some improvements, some remaining problems, and point out new issues.

No Info at the InfoHubs (Part 1) (06-11-14)
A short history of SL’s InfoHubs and how they came to be sort of “meh.” Warning: Ancient Huge oldbie reminiscences ahead.

Brace Blogs Again: “Quest Based Orientations Work” (06-14-14)
Why you should read yet another blog from Brace Coral on the new user experience.

No Info at the InfoHubs (Part 2) (06-18-14)
More on the problems and opportunities of the SL InfoHub network. Bad signs; better signs. Why InfoHubs should showcase the best of Second Life. The need for community involvement.

Link: “The Need to Nest – Building Communities to Retain New Users” at Prim Perfect (06-21-14)
Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds outlines how Linden Lab can increase retention and encourage communities via designed community experiences.

Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg’s Twitter Q&A on Second Life Successor (06-21-14)
Ebbe Altberg’s tweets on the possible successor to Second Life under development by Linden Lab. A round up of news and reactions related to the announcement.

Brace Coral on “Why do we want SL Last Names Back?” (06-21-14)
Brace Coral explains why Second Life last names matter, and how Linden Lab has churned through most of the Lindens who might remember those reasons.

Brace Blogs: First Meeting of the Help Education Quorum with Ebbe Linden (06-28-14)
Link to Brace Coral’s blog on 1st HEQ meeting, what the HEQ is, and some of my thoughts.

Thanks to Everyone Who Came to My SL11B Talk on “Remaking the Second Life New User Experience” (06-29-14)
In which Carl repeats what he’s been saying on this blog for the past two months in a speech at SL11B and accidentally drops an f-bomb on a G-rated sim.

Brace Coral on “New Users and the New Mesh Avatars” (07-04-14)
Brace discusses the problems new residents encounter moving from the new mesh starter avatars to an avatar more compatible with the rest of Second Life.

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