Ebbe Altberg Answers More Questions on SL2 on the Forums

Still-sort-of-newish Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg (aka Ebbe Linden) answered a whole lot more questions in the massive SL2 thread on the official Second Life forums over the past few days, including the one from Prokofy Neva that I ended my last post on SL2 with:

“We don’t have all those answers yet.” (link opens in new window)

As Linden Lab still seems to be brainstorming/doing early planing for SL2, that was what the answer to quite a few people’s questions often boiled down to. Ebbe answered way too many questions for me to link them all with tiny images—and those were nearly too small to read anyway last time. So list format. (Note, all these links also open in new windows.)

Transitioning of SL Content into SL2 (Probably by creators only)

Whether SL and SL2 Could Use the Same Client (No)

Custom Skeletons for Things Other than Avatars (Yes)

LL Needs to Provide a Structure for Resident Business Models

The Lab is Leaning Towards FBX for SL2’s Animation Format

If Shared Inventories Will be Possible Between SL and SL2 (No)

Second Life Will be Around for a Long Time to Come 1

Second Life Will be Around for a Long Time to Come 2

Second Life Will be Around for a Long Time to Come 3

No, Idiot, Sexual Ageplay Will Not be Allowed on SL2!

I’m Trying to Find a Polite Way to Say You Have No Clue.

I’m Getting Kind of Frustrated With Some of You.

We Don’t Know Yet. Really.

My Head Hurts Now. Please Go Away.

Please note the titles above are my own and don’t reflect anything but my subjective interpretation of Ebbe’s mood as he got deeper and deeper into the the discussion.


Second Life residents are not used to this level of discussion of Linden Lab plans at this early a stage, nor are they used to Linden Lab CEO’s who actually try to honestly answer questions. None of this is the fault of Ebbe or of Second Life residents. They both inherited a Linden Lab built by other people that seems to be trying to make big changes.

I respect the hell out of Ebbe Altberg for actually listening and interacting with Second Life residents. I hope it can and does continue.


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