Lindenwatch Continues

Ebbe Altberg ventured out into the hostile territory of the official Second Life Forums again today to answer a question from the administrator of the Second Life Brasil group on Facebook.

Ebbe replied:

Hi, first let me reiterate that SL is not going away and that we have a dedicated team that will continue to make SL better. 

As this new world takes shape we want to make it easy for SL users to come in and explore and help us shape it’s future. We’re aiming to let people start playing with it sometime next year. For a long time you can choose where to spend your time and energy. We have no plans to shut SL down or force people to migrate. Only time will tell what will ultimately be best for users and our business.

We have said that we don’t want to constrain ourselves with the requirement of full content backwards compatibility, as that may make it impossible to make the advances in quality and experience and thus make it less competitive in the long run. More information will come with time, but if you work with mesh your experience and content will be useful for sure. Scripting will change as we’ll introduce a modern language (possibly c#, but not decided). 

Yes, we are thinking that there will be free accounts but that’s a while out as Beta next year may not be completely open. 

This new world will allow us to improve graphics, performance, quality and empower creators to create richer and more powerful experiences that are not possible today. We’ll also do the work to support phones and tablets in addition to PC and VR hardware. 

We will all have plenty of time to see how this will work out. 

Thank you for serving residents from Brazil. It’s a great market for us. 

Most of his comment is pretty much a summary of what he’s been saying for the last two weeks. But the “we are thinking that there will be free accounts” part is new—and will no doubt upset some ancient oldbies who have been complaining how Second Life has been going down hill ever since they let the free account riff-raff in back in 2006.

He also answered a few new questions on Twitter:


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