Caledon Oxbridge Featured in “Business Insider” Story on Second Life


Friday, the Business Insider website ran an article on Second Life. The article’s theme can be summed up as “Wow, it’s still here; I wonder why?” Despite the headline, the article is overall fair to Second Life, neither sugarcoating it’s issues, or engaging in breathless hype.

What I appreciated about Karyne Levy’s article was that she had some very nice things to say about Caledon Oxbridge.




Thanks for the positive report on Oxbridge.

The comments in the article were not so positive, as several people who were extremely critical of Linden Lab and Second Life camped out there and tried to dominate the conversation, and mocked anyone saying positive things about SL. My favorite was from a “ZaingZu”, who had this to say:


I suspect that’s the kind of negative comment that will bring new users in by the truckload.

However of his or her complaints about Second Life, I will point out that any sort of activity that borders on the pedophilia is banned in Second Life, and that Linden Lab regularly bans people who attempt it. Gambling is not allowed either, due to US laws, though some people do offer “skill games” that are essentially gambling. Linden Lab is currently cracking down on those as well. His references to “bestiality” no doubt concern “furries” — anthropomorphic animal avatars — some of whom no doubt do engage in adult activities.

As for the rest, well, SL is a pretty white place, so I can’t say that I’ve heard of any “Black Supremacy” role play, but I’m sure its out there somewhere. Some people also do role play things like slavery, virtual pregnancy, BDSM, Gor, orgies, gender bending, etc. With over a million people using Second Life from time to time, all the kinks of the real world can be found if you are interested in looking for them.

And yes, there are women “wear[ing] slutty clothes” here. And those clothes are mostly designed and purchased by women, too. Shocking.


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