Second Life’s IntLibber Brautigan Finds His Own Level

Catherine Fitzpatrick (Prokofy Neva in Second Life) writes on her Wired State blog that the infamous IntLibber Brautigan has resurfaced in real life—running for state legislature in his home state of New Hampshire.

IntLibber was notorious in Second Life for running a bank (BNT Financial—a ponzi scheme, whether he knew it or not), a stock exchange (Ancapistan Capital Exchange), a land rental business (Brautigan & Tuck Holdings), providing support for Woodbury-based griefing groups, making repeated threats of legal action against people who annoyed him, and eventually getting kicked out of Second Life altogether by Linden Lab.

In other words, the perfect background for getting into politics.

Under his real life identity of Michael Lorrey, IntLibber is running for the New Hampshire state legislature in District Grafton 10 as a Republican against one-term Democratic incumbent Wendy Piper. Considering the mood of the country in general, and the lack of attention typically paid to down-ballot races, IntLibber might actually win.

It’s especially funny to find him running as a Republican, because in Second Life, IntLibber was one of those exceptionally loud Libertarians who made other Libertarian-leaning people embarrassed to be associated with the political philosophy. Of course, in reality, IntLibber was about as Libertarian as Barak Obama or Dick Cheney. During his Second Life career he was fond of threatening legal action against critics—in other words, declaring that he was going to run to big daddy government to have him beat you up if you didn’t stop saying true things about him.

I had a run in with IntLibber back in 2008 over “bank” he was running in Second Life. The resulting transcript was so funny, I’ve saved it to this day. Now that IntLibber/Lorrey’s history and character are a matter of legitimate public interest, I thought I’d share it with everyone:

[20:50]  IntLibber Brautigan: Carl you busy?
[20:50]  Carl Metropolitan: No more than usual.
[20:51]  IntLibber Brautigan: It appears you called me and my bank a ponzi scheme in the herald comments
[20:52]  Carl Metropolitan: I don’t even know which bank you have. But since 99% of SL banks are ponzi schemes, I’m on pretty safe ground.
[20:52]  IntLibber Brautigan: I own BNT Financial
[20:52]  IntLibber Brautigan: as well as the ACE Exchange
[20:53]  IntLibber Brautigan: now what evidence do you have that 99% of banks in Sl are ponzi schemes?
[20:53]  Carl Metropolitan: Common sense? Experience?
[20:54]  IntLibber Brautigan: so you know nothing of banking or how any given bank operates?
[20:56]  IntLibber Brautigan: I operate with a very high sense of ethics
[20:56]  IntLibber Brautigan: and I take my depositors money very seriously
[20:56]  IntLibber Brautigan: same with my investors money
[20:56]  IntLibber Brautigan: and I know of a couple other banks that operate similarly
[20:57]  Carl Metropolitan: I know enough to about banking to know that an unregulated, unaccountable “financial institution” that offers it’s users significantly above market rates of return is almost certainly a scam.
[20:57]  IntLibber Brautigan: above which market?
[20:58]  IntLibber Brautigan: do you know how BNT got its start?
[20:58]  IntLibber Brautigan: I bought my first half sim with a loan from Meta Bank
[20:58]  Carl Metropolitan: What is your annualized  interest rate you are offering?
[20:58]  IntLibber Brautigan: I paid that loan off in two months
[20:58]  IntLibber Brautigan: 44%
[20:58]  IntLibber Brautigan: after I paid off that first loan
[20:58]  IntLibber Brautigan: the bank invested another 8000 US in my business
[20:58]  IntLibber Brautigan: and I paid that off
[20:59]  Carl Metropolitan: I will give you think. You may not realize you are running a ponzi scheme. But your investors will still be screwed in the end, whether you realize it or not.
[20:59]  IntLibber Brautigan: after that we went public on the stock exchanges
[20:59]  IntLibber Brautigan: how will they be screwed?
[20:59]  IntLibber Brautigan: are you predicting the demise of SL?
[20:59]  Carl Metropolitan: When you go under leaving them with no money.
[20:59]  IntLibber Brautigan: how will I go under?
[20:59]  Carl Metropolitan: No—I’m predicting the demise of your bank.
[21:00]  Carl Metropolitan: Because you are promising 44% annual rate of return, and that’s unsustainable.
[21:00]  IntLibber Brautigan: banks die cause of morons causing bank panics
[21:00]  IntLibber Brautigan: how can you claim that?
[21:00]  IntLibber Brautigan: whats your basis for such an opinion?
[21:00]  Carl Metropolitan: Yeah—you don’t  understand.
[21:00]  IntLibber Brautigan: I understand way more than you
[21:00]  IntLibber Brautigan: what was the economic growth in SL the past year?
[21:01]  IntLibber Brautigan: I’ll tell you: it was 1000%
[21:01]  Carl Metropolitan: I will continue to do everything I can to protect people from getting scammed in SL “banks” and “investment funds”. That’s part of my job here. If you don’t like it tough.
[21:01]  IntLibber Brautigan: do you have ANY inkling how banks set interest rates?
[21:01]  IntLibber Brautigan: do you understand that at all?
[21:02]  IntLibber Brautigan: how is that your job?
[21:02]  IntLibber Brautigan: who appointed you the bank regulator in SL?
[21:02]  Carl Metropolitan: Sorry—i’m not interested in debating your “secret bank knowlege” with you.
[21:02]  IntLibber Brautigan: its not secret
[21:02]  IntLibber Brautigan: its quite public for anybody who cares to study it
[21:03]  Carl Metropolitan: My job is Director of NCI/New Citizens Incorporated. As part of that I try to educate new residents about common SL scams.
[21:03]  Carl Metropolitan: Like yours.
[21:03]  IntLibber Brautigan: I know you run that estate
[21:03]  IntLibber Brautigan: just as I run my estate
[21:03]  Carl Metropolitan: Estate?
[21:03]  IntLibber Brautigan: NCI
[21:04]  IntLibber Brautigan: now if you call my company a scam, ponzi or other, without any documentation, then there will be legal consequences RL
[21:04]  IntLibber Brautigan: if you want to learn how we do business, you are welcome to learn
[21:05]  Carl Metropolitan: I am amazingly not terribly frightened.
[21:10]  IntLibber Brautigan: Well you seem to lack education in several areas. I have never scammed anybody in my life, and my company posted 8400% growth in the past year, so we’ve had no problems paying our interest. Our banks deposit liabilities are less than 10% of our company’s assets. So while i agree that some banks in SL are/may be ponzis, BNT is not one of them.
[21:11]  IntLibber Brautigan: I can also attest that BCX and SLIB are not ponzis either.
[21:11]  IntLibber Brautigan: So I suggest that if you consider it your job to “educate” noobs in NCI about SL scams, you have a fiduciary responsibility to your corporation to investigate and find facts to support any allegations you make against any given business.
[21:12]  IntLibber Brautigan: Do you understand the term “fiduciary responsibility”???
[21:12]  Carl Metropolitan: I think it has something to do with not telling people you are going to pay them 44% annual rates of return.
[21:12]  IntLibber Brautigan: Wrong
[21:12]  IntLibber Brautigan: it has to do with not saying things about other companies that you cannot prove in a courtroom
[21:12]  Carl Metropolitan: Sarcasm is lost on you.
[21:13]  IntLibber Brautigan: Like I said, I take my depositors and investors money seriously
[21:13]  IntLibber Brautigan: this is not a topic for sarcasm
[21:13]  Carl Metropolitan: Yes. Some things are beyond parody.
[21:14]  IntLibber Brautigan: I had hoped you were mature enough to discuss this rationally.
[21:14]  Carl Metropolitan: Nope. I’m known throughout SL for my lack of maturity.

Go read Catherine Fitzpatrick’s piece on IntLibber Brautigan / Michael Lorrey. And if you can spare some money, consider the Wendy Piper campaign.


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