How to Do Politics

1) Find most extreme assholes in a Group. Lie. Accuse everyone in Group of being just like them. Repeat Lie over & over.

2) Use Lie to justify harassment of Group members. Mock anyone who points out Lie. Insist that all Good People already believe Lie.

3) Imply people who don’t believe Lie are just the same as those in Group. Accuse them of doing things that Good People will find repulsive.

4) Loudly dismiss calm, rational, thoughtful individuals in Group as delusional, evil, or fakers. Accuse them of justifying Evil.

5) Work to create environment where people in Group are shunned by others, receive threats, lose jobs. This is Good because Group is Evil.

6) Profit. Not for you, you silly person. For the people who have been manipulating you.


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