Builders Grid Goes Hi-Fi


The current issue of the MIT Technology Review features an article on Second Life co-creator Philip Rosedale’s new virtual reality venture: High Fidelity.

But that’s not why I’m blogging this. The photo that the MIT Technology Review chose to represent High Fidelity features a Hi-Fi avatar against a background of the my free (and freely distributable) Builders Grid texture. Either they are using my Builders Grid texture at High Fidelity (which is very cool), or it has become such an iconic part of Second Life that the graphic artists at the MIT Technology Review thought it would immediately signal “building in a virtual world” to their readers (which is also very cool).


You can get a free copy of the texture at most any freebie place in Second Life. I know Caledon Oxbridge and NCI have copies in their freebie areas. You can also pay from 10 to 100 Linden Dollars (L$) to the various rip-off artists who are selling this freebie on SL Marketplace, but I’d rather you not. Get it for free and share it freely—on Second Life, or any other virtual world that allow texture uploads.

Update: You can now get the grid directly from me, for free, on SL Marketplace, both grid and texture, released under a CC0 Public Domain license.

Even with Caledon Oxbridge and NCI/New Citizens Incorporated on my Second Life C.V., the Builders Grid may end up as my most enduring contribution to Second Life. I originally created it back in 2005, when I’d been in Second Life only a month or so as a way to help my friend Linda Coffee learn building. Later that week, I entered the Builders Grid in NCI’s “Newbie Show & Tell” and it won first prize—200L$ (I think) that I spent on textures.


The Builders Grid unveiled at NCI Newbie Show & Tell, August 16, 2005
Photo by Brace Coral (wearing jester suit).

Well, its nearly ten years later now, and the Builders Grid is everywhere and Linda is still my friend (and she’s still not into building stuff). I smile whenever I see it as a background on a photo or on a SL Marketplace ad. It’s my own tiny bit of digital (sort of) immortality, and I love seeing it spread its wings.


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