Hate Makes You Stupid

An Essay About #Gamergate (But Really Not)

There are many very valid ethical, psychological, and religious reasons for people to try to avoid hate. There is also one big practical one: Hate makes you stupid.

I think I’ve known this at some level for a long time, but what made it really crystallize for me was a twitter conversation about #Gamergate (which I support) that I was part of a few days ago.

I didn’t know it at the time, but a fairly prominent opponent of #Gamergate was in the process of doing significant damage to his side of the debate.

Even more so than the “Bring Back Bullying” guy, Geordie Tait justified suspicions of #Gamergate supporters that their Social Justice Warrior opposition were extremists who wanted to utterly destroy the gaming community. I’m certain that wasn’t what Tait intended to do; hate made him stupid.

But “hate makes you stupid” has applications far beyond the world of games.

(Photo by J.C. Wilmore; Creative Commons 3.0 License)

Take the ubiquitous Westboro Baptist Church protesters. They hate gay people. They hate them a whole lot—and they make sure that everyone knows it. The end result of that hatred? The Westboro Baptist Church has probably done more to advance the cause of tolerance and respect for gay people than any other group of comparable size in the country.  Hate made them act in such a way so as to advance the goals of those they hate at the expense of their own. Hate made them stupid.

I don’t like doing stupid things; so I’m going to work on eliminating my own hatreds. Some will be easier than others. The hardest will be to stop hating myself.


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