Favorite Fan Fictions: The Secret Return of Alex Mack

Would you like to read a one-and-a-quarter-million word fan fiction novel crossing over the 90s Nickelodeon TV series The Secret World of Alex Mack with characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG-1, Harry Potter, Stephen King’s Firestarter, and the DC Universe along with a host of far more obscure movies, books, and TV shows?

“No, Carl, I think I will pass on that. It sounds kind of silly and really way too long. And isn’t the Bible only about three-quarters of a million words?”

Your loss. I think it may be the best thing—professional or fan fictions—I’ve read all year. And I read a lot.

For the past two years, writer Diane Castle has been posting two chapters a week of “The Secret Return of Alex Mack” to Twisting the Hellmouth—a fan fiction site specializing in crossovers with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel television series.

And it has rocked.

“The Secret Return of Alex Mack” (tSRoAM) is a superhero coming of age story taking Alex Mack from being a high school student with secret powers to Terawatt, the world’s greatest superhero. Do you need to have seen the admittedly obscure Nickelodeon TV show that it is based on? Not at all; Diane Castle makes all the characters come alive without any need to have watched or read any of her source material. I’ve seen only a single episode of the Secret World of Alex Mack, and that was well after Diane Castle’s tSRoAM was past the halfway mark.

The readers of Twisting the Hellmouth have made tSRoAM the fifth most recommended story on the entire archive—and the most single most reviewed. tSRoAM has also spawned a long list of fan fiction and fan art inspired the writer Diane Castle’s “Alexverse”. Included on this list are a few of my own fan art contributions, emphasizing the superheroic side of the Diane’s story.

(Diane Castle’s Terawatt, “Riding the Storm”)

(Diane Castle’s Terawatt, “Truth, Justice, and …”)

(Diane Castle’s Terawatt, “Lightning in the Desert”)

(Diane Castle’s Terawatt, “Mighty Morphin”)

These four illustrations were created in Second Life and Photoshop by myself (Carl Henderson) and inspired by descriptions, characters, and events in Diane Castle’s tSRoAM. Click on the individual illustrations larger versions and full credits.

Like all of Diane Castle’s work, “The Secret Return of Alex Mack” has my highest recommendation. If you do read it and enjoy it, consider registering at the Twisting the Hellmouth and leaving Diane Castle a review and a recommendation.


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