Caledon Oxbridge’s New Team

It’s been six weeks since I last posted here. That was not intentional; just life. In that six weeks, we’ve had the Christmas holidays, lots of real life work, and attempts to learn Blender (I’m not leaving that wall until it is good and bloody from banging my head against it).

However, the biggest change I’ve made is that I’m back in the business of actively managing Caledon Oxbridge—a resident run and financed new user help area in Second Life.

That’s taken up a lot of time. The previous head of Oxbridge, Martini Discovolante had to leave the position due to real life issues. Shortly thereafter, Oxbridge’s Dean of Information, Ravelli Ormstein, decided to depart as well. We were already down a person as the Dean of Development (fundraising) position was vacant. Fortunately, Wordsmith Jarvinen and Tali Rosca were able to remain, and we’ve made great progress on recruiting new people to help out:

David Cooper-Pentewyn, our new Dean of Commons
Lindal Kidd, our new Dean of Information
Jayleden Miles, our new Dean of Development

In addition, we have three new Assistant Deans intended to help break the jobs above into more manageable chunks and to provide back-up and continuity in case a Dean has to leave suddenly again:

LarkyLouz, Assistant Dean of Tutors (under Commons)
Phrynne, Assistant Dean of Information
Samm Florian, Assistant Dean of Education

For a more detailed description of what all these people do, please see the Caledon Oxbridge website’s Admin page.


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