GamerGate Dallas Meet-Up

Saturday, I dragged
myself out of my home and office and attended the Dallas Gamergate
meet-up (also known as #GGinBigD and #VivianDoesDallas). Sadly I read
the time wrong on the email and ended up being thirty minutes late,
after rushing though a bath, shave, and drive out to Lewisville.


Poster for Gamergate Dallas Meet-Up


Thus I missed short
“how to” presentations by the Islamic State, the KKK, and the
Westboro Baptist Church, on misogyny, racism, and homophobia
respectively. I was in time for the briefing by the Daleks on
operating their time-travel technology (in case Gamergate needs
retroactively start Sad Puppies again). Daleks almost never share
their tech, but in this case they were really impressed by
Gamergate’s superior evil. Plans for Martian colonization (scroll down to bottom of page at link) will be discussed at future meet-ups.


I was also in time
for cake (homemade by event organizer Ashley Phoenix), door prizes,
including Stream gift cards and comic book posters, (I didn’t win),
some speeches, and—most importantly—distribution of official
Gamergate sockpuppets made by one of the attendees.


Official Gamergate Sock Puppet

The event only
had the meeting room for an hour, after which it moved out into the
Mane Event general space (offering bowling, pool, snacks, a bar,
video games, etc.) I tried to hang out for a while, but while I could
deal easily with the about sixty Gamergate people who showed, my
social anxiety disorder got the better of me once surrounded by
hundreds and hundreds of people being very loud.


Very Bad Dallas Gamergate Meet-up Photo (by me)

Not that the venue
was bad. I’m informed nearly everyone there had a blast. The
organizers certainly should not pick their venue based on the lowest
common denominator of crowd tolerance (me). There were no bomb
threats (though there were tornado warnings towards later in the
evening) and I’m told that people stayed for hours and even went on
some post meet-up bar crawls.

All in all, a fun
time, and I look forward to the next one. And if you are reading this
and you were there, and have not already, please contact Ashley Phoenix (@AshPnX) and arrange to help
her with the expenses. She spent over $800.00 on the meet-up, and is probably too nice to bug people.


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