My Weird Hobbies: Wikipedia

If either of my regular readers are wondering why I’ve been less prolific on this blog over the past few months, it’s partly because I’ve gotten back to writing/editing for Wikipedia—after what may be the world’s longest “wikibreak” —from 2008 to 2014. (And of course, partly due to returning to my position as“Chancellor of Caledon Oxbridge in Second Life.)

It’s quite a strange hobby as it resemble nothing more closely than writing short (and not so short) research papers for fun. Since I started back with Wikipedia in November, I’ve written a number of articles. These articles were almost one hundred percent written or rewritten by me:

Valz Prize
Luís Cruls
William Mundy (composer)
Müller (Martian crater)
Clallam County Courthouse

Then there are articles that I’ve contributed to substantially (approximately 75-90% of the writing/rewriting. I’m especially proud of my work on the first four listed below.

Vernon Jones
Kirby Krackle
Alliance of Women Directors
Anya Camilleri
Thomas M. Blackstock
Thomas M. and Bridget Blackstock House
Herschel (Martian crater)
Hayden Schilling

I’m also made a lot of edits to other articles—mostly small improvements and additions, as well as adding citations for unreferenced statements, fixing bad references, finding and adding public domain photos/illustrations, photo-editing existing photos that needed fixes.


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