Pretty Pictures from the Public Domain: A Bounty of Bouguereau

This edition of Pretty Pictures from the Public Domain focuses on William-Adolphe Bouguereau—a preternaturally skilled and renowned 19th century French artist—who’s work was once almost forgotten. Fashions changed and the classical academic art mastered by Bouguereau fell out of style in favor of the Impressionists, and later, the various strains of Modernist art. Rediscovered in the late 20th century, Bouguereau’s reputation is on an upswing, and value of his works has steadily increased.

If you want to learn more about Bouguereau, how he came to be forgotten, and then rediscovered, I strongly recommend reading Art Renewal Center founder, Fred Ross’ essay, Bouguereau and the Real 19th Century.

William Bouguereau, Nymphs and Satyr, 1873

William Bouguereau, Homer and his Guide, 1874

William Bouguereau, Young Girl Going to the Fountain, 1885

William Bouguereau, Dante and Virgil in Hell, 1850

William Bouguereau, The Shepherdess, 1889

William Bouguereau, Waiting, 1902

William Bouguereau, The Flagellation of Christ, 1880

William Bouguereau, The Young Shepherdess, 1885

William Bouguereau, Biblis, 1884

William Bouguereau, The Rapture of Psyche, 1895


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