SOCJUS Posters 5: In Their Own Words (Addendum)

Every time I think I’m done with this series of posters, the Social Justice Bullies of the internet say something else that deserves the (limited) immortality of a SOCJUS poster. The newest one below features a quote from a comment by a “Jimmy Rumbles” on a YouTube video, “SJW Feminists whine about mean tweets, ignore real rape culture”, by Mercedes Carrera (NSFW link).


SOCJUS: “Bitch Stick to Sucking Dick” (comments section)

Credits: The “double V” and “banner” are adapted from an INGSOC logo PNG created by Porsche997SBS from the Wikimedia Commons, released under the Free Art License [Copyleft Attitude] 1.2. The “handshake” icon is heavily altered from an original SVG created by by DEADTYPE/Dima Yagnyu, relased under a CC BY 3.0 US license. The poster text is Roboto Black, a Google free font, released under an Apache License, version 2.0.


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