Layers and Layers of Fact Checkers and Editors: There’s No Such Thing as “Too Cynical” About the Media

You can’t trust the media. Even when they are not outright lying—or distorting news to favor their politics, they tend to be lazy, incompetent, or in too much of a hurry to do basic research.

Presented for your education and entertainment, some recent examples:


Camera angles can do magic, as shown in this popular meme.


The ubiquitous TV news crawl is always a fun place to look for silly mistakes.


I can find no source for the photo in this well-known meme, leading me to believe it was likely staged, thus turning this image into something of a meta-commentary on media deception.


Above is a real New York Times correction from a real New York Times article. Yes, the New York Times reporter accidentally made up the non-existent country of Kyrzbekistan. For more on the debacle, see Bloomberg View and Adweek (who probably made mistakes of their own on the story).


Also the real New York Times, this time in a much less funny bit of manipulation. Original image from Humans Are Free.


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