Common Sense: Five Policy Proposals the Left and Right Should Both Support

1. Link Corporate Tax Rates to Jobs
Reduce corporate tax rates only for companies that provide a high percentage of living-to-high wage jobs (with benefits) in the United States. The more good jobs a company provides, the less tax it pays.

2. Share the Burden Tax
Declaring war should be expensive and unpopular, and burdens should not fall only on the military. When Congress authorizes use of military force (or declares war), an automatic 5% income tax surcharge kicks in for everyone for the duration of the war. At least half the money raised must be sequestered to pay for veteran’s care.

3. Break Up “To-Big-to-Fail” Companies
Create a new “Too-Big-to-Fail” accelerated bankruptcy path for any corporation that goes to the government for a bailout. Require that “Too-Big-to-Fail” companies must be broken up into at least three smaller new companies. The new companies are forbidden by law from acquiring other companies from their own or any other “Too-Big-to-Fail” accelerated bankruptcy for fifteen years.

4. No Government/Corporate Revolving Door

Apply six years of punitive taxes to both elected officials and high-level government employees who leave the government to work for, contract for, or consult for, or give speeches to, etc., any companies that they formerly legislated on, regulated, or purchased from. Base the punitive tax rate on salary earned in excess of previous government wages.

5. Sunset Trade Agreements
All trade agreements and/or treaties must be re-ratified every twenty years. There is no reason to forever shackle the nation to failed trade agreements. If an agreement’s benefits are not obvious after two decades, the treaty should cease.

(Also in nice re-postable graphic format…)


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