Stupid Media Tricks—Geography Fails


Despite what CNN apparently believes, Niger and Nigeria are two different countries. In reality, Niger is located where Nigeria is mistakenly shown on the CNN screencap above, and Nigeria is the large country just below Niger.


CNN is equally inept at European geography. Austria and Australia are, of course, two different countries located at near opposite sides of the globe. Australia is an island and has no land borders with any other nation (unless you accept Australia’s Antarctic claims).


In this screen capture, CBS News confuses the locations of Jamaica and
Puerto Rico. This constitutes an astonishingly lapse in geography for a major US news network, as Puerto Rico is both part of the United States and directly in the path of the hurricane illustrated above.


Back to CNN, a network also apparently unable to tell the difference between New York City and Boston. At least they did not confuse either city with Chicago.


I probably could have titled this post “Stupid CNN Tricks” and still had plenty to write on. Here we have CNN showing Hong Kong in Brazil at roughly the location of
São Paulo
. However, Giant Hornets did apparently kill 42 people in China, at least according to various other news sources.


Now on to Fox News, where we learn that Egypt—not Iraq—lies between Syria and Iran. Yes, Fox News could not even get the position of Iraq, a country the US invaded twice in the last twenty-five years correct.


Fox also fails geography here, confusing Utah and Nevada. At least the two states share a common border and are on the same continent. So that’s progress I guess.


And now back to CNN, because no network can match CNN for bad geography it seems. In this image above, CNN gets the location of Cornwall correct, but bizarrely locates London almost 120 miles to the North and East of it’s actual location in Norfolk. Even nearly 2000 years of continuous habitation is no match for CNN’s crack geography team!


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