The “Fuck You” Election

And Why I’m Voting Giant Douche Over Turd Sandwich

Americans have been
trying to communicate to their governing class for nearly a decade
that we are quite unhappy at their performance.

In 2008, the nation
elected Obama and the Democrats with a very simple mission: fix the
broken economy. Instead he spent his first years in office bailing
out big banks, Government Motors, and pushing an unwanted health care
law down our throats, pretending it was was somehow universal health
care, despite being written, bought, and, paid for by the medical

Then in 2010, angry
that with what the Democrats had done, the voters gave Republicans
control of the house, and two years later, in 2012, they handed them
control of the Senate. They wisely kept Obama, rightly concerned
about what a non-gridlocked government might do.

Donald Orange and
the Sixteen Dwarfs

When 2015/2016
Presidential campaign rolled around, politics-as-usual fell apart in
a big way. The Republicans presented us with a choice of sixteen
former and current governors, senators, congressmen, and Donald
Trump. Trump—a man with no political experience, policy proposals
that shocked and offended the political/media elite, and a very thin
filter between his brain and mouth—beat every one of them. Despite
what the pundits predicted, he won a clear majority of the Republican
delegates, and the nomination. And Trump did it spending a fraction
of the money the rest of the candidates spent to lose.

The bulk of the
Republican establishment quickly made their disdain for Trump clear:
Ted Cruz’ “Vote your Conscience” speech at the Republican
convention, the National Review’s “Never Trump”
declaration, the Bush family’s de facto endorsement of Hillary, etc.

Hillary Clinton for
President—Or Else

On the Democratic
side of things, the party’s anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton,
faced a threat from another outsider, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Sanders was so far outside the party that until he started his
campaign for the presidency, he ran and served in the Senate as an
Independent Socialist (who caucused with the Democrats).

Sanders caused no
end of problems for Hillary Clinton, who’s qualifications for the
presidency seem to be: 1) having been married to the last really
competent president we had, 2) having a vagina, and 3) shut up!
Hillary—who seems functionally identical to Jeb Bush, but with even
less charisma—pinned her primary campaign on America being ready
for a woman president, on having a huge pile of money, and cheating
as much as she could get away with.

That worked in the
Democratic primaries only because the Democratic National Committee
helped “facilitate” her nomination. Behind closed doors,
they actively worked with the Hillary campaign, and did everything
they could get away with to hinder the Sanders campaign. In full view
of the public, the DNC used the votes of unpledged superdelegates
(who account for just under 20% of the total Democratic Primary
Delegates) to push her over the top.

Finally, from all
accounts Sanders is an honest, decent human being, which is a huge
disadvantage when running against Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for
Hillary, while America is ready for a woman president, it’s even more
sick of corruption, lies, and political dynasties, and this election
cycle seems to have decisively broken the rule of the biggest
campaign war chest wins—on both the left and the right.

Bernie Sanders—The
Only Honest Man Running

I like Sanders, even
though I disagree with most of his policies. I don’t usually vote in
primaries, and when I do it is usually for a libertarian-leaning
Republican (such as Rand Paul, who had dropped out of the race by the
time the Texas primary took place), but this year, I voted in the
Democratic primary, and for Sanders. I wish he had been the
Democratic nominee.

My main
philosophical problems with Bernie Sanders are:

1) He believes that
in the hands of the right people, government can be a powerful force
for good. But any powers granted to government to be used by the
right people, will inevitably be used by the wrong people—not too
many years down the road.

2) To give to some
people, you have to take from others. For the most part, government
does not produce wealth; it simply redistributes existing wealth, or
in some cases simply prints more money to create the illusion of
wealth. I am not wise enough to decide who’s money should be taken
and who is should be given to. Observing politicians during my
lifetime has given me no confidence that they are any wiser than me.

certain level of government is required for a functioning society.
However, the degree of expansion of government Sanders’ proposed
policies required is far beyond what I think is prudent.

3) His policies are
too expensive. While we once might have been able to afford things
like single payer national healthcare and free college for everyone,
we can’t any more. America (i.e., the politicians who ignore us) has
blown the money that might have paid for such things on wars,
bailouts, pork barrel programs, etc. until we are over 18 trillion
dollars in debt. We would need to get the debt back down to pre-Bush
II/Obama levels and see a decade of sustained economic growth to
afford the kind of things Sanders would like to do.

Despite my major differences with Sander’s platform, if he had been nominated, I would have seriously considered him. The value of an honest politician who does not come pre-purchased is immense.

The People’s Message

This year, Americans have a message for the Permanent Party in Power. That message is

Fuck you.

That’s a message
that doesn’t require a lot of nuance. The political, financial, and
media establishment and their captive Permanent Party in Power are
not getting the message. Instead they are frantically pointing their
fingers at Trump and says, “Look he’s a buffoon! His policies
are impractical, unconstitutional, unaffordable!”

And the electorate’s
reply is:

Fuck you.

“Don’t you
morons see how big a disaster Trump will be? Listen to us. We we went
to Ivy League schools and have all the right opinions. We know what
we are talking about.”

And the reply is

Fuck you.

Why? Because even if
Trump is every bit as bad as all the “right thinking”
people say, he is still better than the current lot of arrogant,
entitled, useless parasites who fancy themselves our rulers.

Thus, Donald Trump.

A Bit of Video

While I was writing
this essay, filmmaker Michael Moore summed up the point I’m trying to
make far better than I ever could—even using the same theme of “Fuck you” from the voters—and unintentionally created the
best Donald Trump ad of the campaign. (I say unintentionally because Moore clearly supports Hillary.)

Here’s my take:
Trump is talking about things that matter to voters—not bankers and
bureaucrats. He is addressing the fact that good jobs continue to
vanish, replaced by a legion of convenience store clerks, that new
businesses are harder and harder to create, that Free Trade in the
real world has turned into a job destroying illusion, that unchecked
immigration has hurt the poor the most, and that the rich have bought
both wings of the Permanent Party in Power.

As I write this on
November 5th, 2016, I think

is going to win. And that may very
well be the best outcome possible for this country. Sometimes the
Giant Douche really is preferable to the Turd Sandwich.

How I’m Voting

I’m voting for
Trump. Here’s why:

In an election like
this, I normally would have no hesitation in voting for the
Libertarian party candidate. However, Gary Johnson supports the
Trans-Pacific Partnership, apparently in the naive belief it is
somehow about free trade. That’s a deal killer for me. Plus Johnson’s
running mate William Weld is using Libertarian Party funds (what
little they are) and pulpit to outright campaign for Hillary Clinton.
I’m not touching the Libertarian presidential ticket this year.

Like Johnson, the
Green Party candidate Jill Stein can’t win. I have many of the same
issues with her policies as I did with Bernie Sanders’s, plus she has
some disturbing positions on vaccination, at a time when many
once-conquered diseases are starting to make a comeback.

Then there’s
Hillary. Her constant saber-rattling and outright threats of war
against Russia in the last three months of the campaign scare the
crap out of me. There’s never been any doubt that Hillary is a
neo-liberal hawk, ready to get on board for whatever war is
available. But now she’s going out of her way to try to pick fights
Russia, and blame the Russian government for whatever is wrong with
her campaign this week. And because of the many investigations and
ethical issues that haunt her and her associates, Hillary would enter
office politically weaker than any President since George W. Bush’s
first term. I greatly fear the appeal of a “short victorious
war” for her as President.

Trump on the other
hand, sees areas of common interest with Russia, and wants to talk to
them. This apparently makes him a dangerous maniac who can’t be
trusted with the nuclear button. Whatever. Trump’s wired to made
deals; not wars. In this election, he is clearly the peace candidate
(of the two major parties).

I grew up next to a
Strategic Air Command base and can vividly remember when in
unscheduled drills they would launch every B-52 on the base in
fifteen minutes. I remember wondering if this time it was not a drill
and I was about to die in a nuclear fireball.

Not again.

Hillary Clinton is
an existential threat to the United States and the world in general.


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