CNN Cannibal Apocalypse!

This was supposed to
be a blog post about Fox News. A friend on Twitter (Hi @veggie64_leslie) had suggested I do
one of my media critique posts about how brain-dead stupid Fox can be. I’d been gathering examples along with lots of blog-friendly
photos and then…

A CNN correspondent
ate a piece of a human brain on TV.

I am not making this 

In a recent episode
of CNN’s series “Believer with Reza Aslan”, CNN correspondent
Reza Aslan, visits a bizarre, extreme (and very tiny) sect of Hindus, the
Aghori, and joins them in the ritual consumption of the cooked human
brain of a deceased sect member. Which was videoed and broadcast.

Reza Aslan

went on social 
(of course)

to boast about it:


There are a lot of
different Hindu groups made of of perfectly reasonable people Reza Aslan could have visited. He did not
feature any of those. The Aghori are in no way normal Hindus. They
are considered freaks and heretics by Hindus. They are as far from
the mainstream of Hinduism as ISIS is from normal Sunni Islam.

Later during filming, the
Aghori guru grew angry with
Reza Aslan, threw feces at him, and threatened to cut off his head, thereby demonstrating that there are thing that even cannibal freaks will not put up with—such as CNN.

It occurs to me that the next time
anyone asks President Trump why he refuses to treat CNN like a real news
organization, all he has to say is “remember when one of their
reporters ate a piece of a dead person’s brain on TV?”, and
most sensible people will forced to nod their heads and agree that
CNN isn’t really a news organization, after all.

Meanwhile, some dumb things Fox News has done:


Romney was looking quite tanned in that photo, wasn’t he?


All those Nordic types look the same, right?


Fox News is also famously bad at math


Really bad at math.

Fox news is also bad at geography.

Bad enough at geography to mislabel Iraq (a country we’ve invaded two times in twenty years) as Egypt (a country on a completely different continent).


And sometimes just kind of dumb.


Really dumb.

On the other hand, I’m certain zero Fox News correspondents have ever eaten a piece of human brain on the air. They do have that going for them.


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